Paine Group Fencing

Standard Fencing:

  • Class 1-2 posts 125x75mm, set min 550mm into cement and compacted earth, 2.7 max distance.
  • 150x25mm h3 plinth @ 5.4m lengths.
  • 72x47mm h3 rails 3 @ 5.4m lengths.

H3 Timber Fencing (Palings): 

  • 12x 150mm base palings. 5 p/m -50mm gap
  • 12x 100mm cover palings. 5 p/m

All nails are galvanized:

  • Framing nails 90mm          
  • Timber fence Paling nails 57mm twist shank.

Expected life span of a standard fence is 15-25 years.


Environmental impacts on our natural world in the last 100 years has increased the population from 1 billion people to now 7 billion. Thinking ahead to the future of our forests and how your children will benefit.


Long life fencing:

  • Waterproofing posts, gives you the best in ground rating and increases life of fence.
  • Strengthening of posts for strong winds.
  • Intermediate plinth supports, bracing the plinth at 1300mm intervals eliminates the movement of palings off the support of the plinth and increases life of the fence.
  • Bugle screws, 90mm galvanized screws for all rail fixings, eliminates movement/twist of rails off the posts.
  • Extra palings, fence packages allow a minimum 50mm gap between base palings, with a little shrinkage or movement you could have gaps, we supply more palings and close it up to 35-40mm.
  • Having capping will improve the look of your fence though increases the distance between rail fixings, with Long life you get an extra rail included.
  • Long life fencing will take the life expectancy of your fence up to 40 years.


Other things you can do:

  • Capping - includes longer posts to reach the top of the fence.
  • Extra rail - provides a closer fixing for palings (especially if the distance between rails exceeds 620mm)
  • H4 sleepers - 200x50mm, treated for in ground use (sleepers are used for ground indifferences between properties and are fixed with bugle screws).